This is limited premium payment endowment plan designed with an aim to facilitate policy holders with the single premium payment or limited premium payment option. In case of child aged 1 10 10 taking this plan can make regular payment only however adults can make regular payment. ADB/PTD/PWB and CI facilities are available. Policy term for this plan is 5 to 30 years though the premium paying term is flexible whereby the payment can be made either single or in installment of 5 to 25 years.

Features :

Entry Age : 11 Years
Maximum Age : 60 Years
Minimum Term : 10 Years
Maximum Term : 30 years
Minimum Sum Assured : 50,000/-
Maximum Sum Assured : As Per Income Source.
Medical Requirement : As per Company Rule.
ADB/PWB/PTD Benefit : Available for Age at entry 16 years and above up to Max. 100,00,000/-.
Loan Facility :  Upto 90% of the surrender value after payment of 2nd yearly premium.


1. Discount on mode of payment:

Mode of Payment Discount
Yearly                   2%
Half Yearly         

2. Discount on Sum Assured:

Sum Assured Discount (Per thousand)
Up to Rs.2,00,000/- Nill
Rs.2,01,000/- to Rs.3,00,000/- Rs.1/-
Rs.3,01,000/- & above Rs.2/-


Premium Paid Term
Terms Of Policy in Years:  10 Yrs.  15 Yrs.  20 Yrs.  25 Yrs.  30 Yrs.
Premium Paying Term in Years  5 times  5 & 10  5/10 & 15  5/10/15 & 20  5/10/15/20 & 25

Jeevan Jayoti Plan (Limit Payment) Term 20/5 Year >>>

For Example : 

A person aged 30 years going in for insurance under this plan for 20/5 years five time payment  for Sum Assured 15,00,000/-  Lacs will have to pay Annual Premium of Rs. 2,36,193/- and Total Premium Rs. 11,80,965/-. After Maturity of the Policy he/she will get Sum Assured Rs.15,00,000/- plus Bonus 19,50,000/- (@65/1000 of SA) Total 34,50,000/- at the end of the term. In case of earlier death his/her nominee will get Sum Assured Rs. 15 Lacs plus Bonus there on subject to all premiums having been paid.

 First Policy Issue Date : 2012-03-06