Training with Scheme 2078

For Team Agency

“Life INSURANCE AGENT TRAINING” is  going to be held soon on Ashwin-2078 upto Kartik-2078 in the nearest area of NEPALGUNJ BRANCH-BANKE, GULARIYA BRANCH-BARDIYA, BASGADI BRANCH-BARDIYA, KOHALPUR BRANCH-KOHALPUR & RAJAPUR BRANCH-RAJAPUR of Life Insurance Company. I Request to All Team BC and AM Please Join at list one New Agents in this Agent Training Scheme as below.

Life Insurance Agent Training-2078

Required Documents:

– Photocopy of Nepali Citizenship, Education Transcript of SLC/SEE or Higher Degree*

– 6 Passport Size Photographs*

– Training Fee: NRs 1000*

And at last Agency Requirements:

– Bank Account No

– Personal PAN No

Note: If not then also we will support You Fully….! For Your Success.!!

Training Scheme

Date:  2078-Ashwin-01 To 2078-Kartik-30
S.N. New Agent Total Amount Total Premium Team BC Scheme Monthly Self Scheme
1. 1 Agents Rs.1,000/-   Rs. 50,000 Rs.500/- + Agency Kit FPI Rs.50,000=Rs.1,000
2. 5 Agents Rs.5,000/-  Rs. 1,00,000 Rs.500/- If Active 1-For BC FPI Rs.1,00,000=Rs.2,000
3. 10 Agents Rs.10,000/-  Rs. 1,50,000 Rs.300/- If Active 2-For BC FPI Rs.1,50,000=Rs.3,000
4. 15 Agents Rs.15,000/-  Rs. 2,00,000 Rs.200/- If Active 3-For BC FPI Rs.2,50,000=Rs.5,000
5. 20 Agents Rs.20,000/-  Rs. 2,50,000 Rs.100/- If Active 5-For BC FPI Rs.5,00,000=Rs.15,000
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Name of Program Venue Branch Contact No
1.   AGENT BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Branch  9858029311
2.   AGENT BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM Gulariya Gulariya Branch  9858029311
3.   AGENT REFRESHMENT TRAINING Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Branch 9858029311
4.   AGENT REFRESHMENT TRAINING Gulariya Gulariya Branch 9858029311
5.   AGENT REFRESHMENT TRAINING Kohalpur Kohalpur Branch 9858029311
6.   AGENT PICNIC PROGRAM-2078 Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Branch 9858029311
7.   AGENT PICNIC PROGRAM-2078 Gulariya Gulariya Branch   9858029311
8.   AGENT PICNIC PROGRAM-2078 Kohalpur Kohalpur Branch 9858029311
9.   AGENT BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Branch  9858029311
10. AGENT SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING Nepalgunj Nepalgunj Branch 9858029311

>>> By Senior Agency Manager
         Mob. No. : 9858029311/081526311

>>>To View & Choose Team Leader Name For Real Guide To You !!!
Senior Agency Manager-SAM, Agency Manager-AM and Business Co-ordinator-BC.

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